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Beauty treatments

Sensations Image offer a variety of beauty treatments to keep you and make you feel young and beautiful. We have Anti aging beauty treatments, skin treatments, treatments for your hands and feet (manicures and pedicures), Massage beauty treatments ( hand and foot, Indian head massage,back, neck, full body Swedish massage, full body aromatherapy massage, full body massage with hot stone therapy) , professional make up for all occasions (bridal make up, eyelash extensions, day or evening makeup, tinting eyebrows and eyelashes) , Slimming and diet beauty treatment programs, Slimming machine for toning and sculpting the body,  as well as beauty treatment packages for brides, pamper parties, couples, work pamper sessions, weddings, mothers and daughters and custom packages made up on request.

Beauty Packages

We have a variety of beauty packages available to assist you with all your beauty requirements and help you look your best always.

Laser breast enhancement

Laser Tattoo removal

Ultrasonic liposuction

Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser pigmentation therapy

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  • Hand Massage 15 minutes – R60.00
  • Foot Massage 15 minutes – R60.00
  • Indian Head Massage 20 minutes (A unique massage with multiple techniques on the forehead face, neck and shoulders. This treatment has deep healing effects by naturally harmonizing the the mind, body and spirit) – R120.00
  • 30 minute back, neck, head and shoulder massage – R200.00
  • 45 minute back, neck, head and shoulder massage – R250.00
  • Full body Swedish massage – 1 hour deep relaxation – R350.00
  • Full body massage with hot stone therapy 1 hour – R400.00
  • Full body aromatherapy massage 1 hour – R450.00

Facials and Skin caresae

  • Kids facial under 12 R250
  • Lamelle Deep Cleanse Facial – R350
  • Lamelle Brightening facial R450 
  • Lamelle anti aging facial R450 
  • Lamelle hydrating facial R450 
  • Lamelle Firming peel R450
  • Lamelle Facial peel for pigmentation and blemishes R550
  • Lamelle acne peel R550
  • Derma roller R1700 + derma roller treatment R750- for acne scaring, deep lines and wrinkles

Visit the Lamelle skincare website for more product info

Professional Makeup

Smokey eyes Using Nautical

Sensations Image will have you looking your very best for any occasion with professional makeup services. Bridal packages are available on request.

  • Bridal Make up R800.00
  • Bridal Makeup with eyelash extensions – R900.00
  • Bridal make up trial only – R300.00
  • Day or Evening makeup – R300.00
  • Day or evening makeup including eyelash extensions – R400.00

Eyelashes and Tinting

make-up-pic-1-206x300Eyelashes that Stop admirers dead in their tracks , gorgeous heart stopping luscious, long lashes and perfectly defined eyebrows to create a look that will leave a lasting impression!

  • Eyebrow tint – R50.00
  • Eyelash tint – R50.00

Permanent eyelash extensions

  • Eyelash extensions – R500.00
  • Eyelash Fills – R250.00

Laser hair removal treatments

  • Full Face – R900.00
  • Forehead – R200.00
  • Cheeks – R200.00
  • Sideburns – R300.00
  • Nose – R150.00
  • Ears – R150.00
  • Eyebrows – R200.00
  • Brows (between) – R100.00
  • Upperlip – R200.00
  • Chin – R230.00
  • Neck (front and back) – R350.00
  • Shoulders – R500.00
  • Upper /Lower back – R800.00
  • Full Back and shoulders – R2000.00
  • Chest – R1200.00
  • Between breast and nipple – R300.00
  • Tummy – R800.00
  • Umbilical strip – R200.00
  • Underarm – R400.00
  • Fingers and Toes – R220.00
  • Arms pair – R900.00
  • Half Arm – R450.00
  • Full Leg – R2000.00
  • Half Leg – R1000.00
  • Full Bikini – R800.00
  • Half bikini – R500.00

Waxing and Threading

  • Full Leg  - R120.00
  • ¾ Leg – R110.00
  • ½ leg – R100.00
  • Full arm – R100.00
  • Underarm – R70.00
  • Full back – R150.00
  • Chest – R150.00
  • Tummy – R100.00
  • Bikini Sides – R80.00
  • Brazilian – R200.00
  • Hollywood – R250.00
  • Full Face – R150.00
  • Full Face including neck R170.00
  • Upper Lip – R50.00
  • Eyebrows – R50.00
  • Chin – R50.00
  • Sideburns – R50.00

Beauty for your Hands and Feet

feetSpoil yourself or someone special with a treat for your hands and feet… Pedicures and manicures are available in a variety of affordable options to keep your hands and feet looking beautiful always!

  • Spa Manicure – R140.00
  • French manicure – R180.00
  • Paraffin manicure R200.00
  • Spa pedicure – R200.00
  • French pedicure -R220.00
  • Paraffin pedicure R250.00
  • Buff and Shine fingers or toes – R65.00
  • Paint fingers or toes – R70.00
  • Buff and paint fingers and toes – R90.00
  • Buff and paint fingers or toes french – R100.00

Nail extensions

1313031796665Sensations Image offer a variety of nail extensions, overlays and nail art that will make your hands and toes beautiful

  • Full set of tips french/natural acrylic – R300.00
  • French overlays – R350.00
  • Natural overlays – R300.00
  • Fills – R180.00
  • Gel Nails – R250.00 (various colours available)
  • Gel toes – R250.00
  • Nail repair including tip – R30.00
  • Nail repair – R20.00
  • Nail Art per nail – R20.00
  • Soak off – R80.00
  • Soak off, buff and paint – R120.00

Slimming treatments at Sensations Image

Sensations Image offer a variety of slimming treatments and advice and guidance with diet and weight loss.

12 Pad paradic machine, these pads are attached to the body’s problem areas. The pads contract the muscles and works it out for you. This action would increase blood circulation, tone and sculpt the body resulting in centimeter loss.

1 X 30 min session – R250.00

Ultrasonic Liposuction Treatments

 erwThe machine takes the strong ultrasonic heads to release 40,000Hz powerful ultrasonic, speedy vibrates fatiness cells, produces countless vacuum air pocket in and out of cells, mightily impacts the fatty cells, makes the cell membrane produce the inner cracking, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to be the glycirin and free fatty acid, achieve effect of fat elimination, slimming, skin tightening and enhancing muscle flexibility




Its been proven to be the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world.

  • Suitable for all kinds of skin
  • Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment
  • Easy to operate
  • Non-anesthetic, No Surgery
  • No ruggedness, No bleeding and bruise
  • No swelling, no blood stasis
  • Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin
  • No risk of gaining the weight back
  • No side effects, no rebounding phenomenon

Treatment Costs

R350 per treatment (duration = 1 hour)

Package: 10 treatments = R3000